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At Manhattan Advanced Medicine a new approach of evaluation and treatment has been introduced including a unique evaluation of the human body energy. Despite the major discoveries of Quantum Physics, western allopathic medicine ignores and neglects the importance of the energy of the human organism. Historically all schools of medicine in the past including; Ayurvadic, Chinese, Egyptian ,etc., have considered energy as the most important element of a human being's health. In ancient Egypt the energetic waves of life were magically expressed on the face of the temples "Nothing is inert, everything is vibration, everything vibrates".

In 1900 Max Planck's Quantum mechanics, Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the works of many generations of physicists including Heisenberg, Weizsacker and Heim confirmed that matter and energy are inseparable and they can not exist on their own. Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 mathematically describes how matter and energy were interrelated. Einstein said that matter and energy were, in fact, two different forms of the same thing. Matter is a manifestation of energy and all vital processes in the living organism are influenced and controlled by electromagnetic forces. The Italian physicist Prof. Carlo Rubbia who was awarded the 1984 Nobel Prize stressed that matter only represents a very minute part of the Universe and that the phenomena of energetic interaction and resonance which control matter are far more important.

Extensive bioresearch reveals that all cells in the living organism communicate with each other and have ability to store and emit particles of light which were called biophotons by the German biophysicist, Fritz A.Popp, of the University of Kaiserlautern. Many other researchers in the last century including Prof. H. Frolich (Nobel Prize), Prof. Lund, Dr. Pilla, Dr. D. Gabor (Nobel Prize), Prof. I. Prigogine (Nobel Prize) declared that life cells emit electromagnetic fields.

The scientific research presented above was the basis for development of the Energetic Medicine. Extensive research of European Complementary Medicine produced many interesting bioresonance therapy methods including Voll, Vega, Mora, Biocom and others. In the USA kinesiology testing by Goodhard, Williams and Klinghardt, O-Ring method by Omura and computerized techniques (eg.QXCI) were successfully introduced to energy medicine holistic/alternative practices.

Recognizing the importance of the emerging Bioenergy medicine our center- Manhattan Advanced Medicine utilizes the most advanced and sophisticated energy medicine methods including:

Analysis of Compatibility of Matter on Organism and its Synergy created by the French scientist Dr. Rene Naccachian to balance the human energy fields. To this date, it is the only method which totally evaluates and organizes all energy fields of the body.

Please be aware that many, if not all, of the diagnostic tools / tests, treatments, procedures, biological remedies, protocols, supplements, etc. used in our practice may not have been evaluated nor approved by the FDA or the medical community and are to be considered experimental. This includes the statements made on this web site which should be considered as opinion only.