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European Biological Medicine

Biological medicine, most commonly called alternative or holistic medicine, is the comprehensive method of healing by increasing reactions, the regulation ability of the human body, and the reactivation the natural healing forces in sick people.

Human beings are always in a situation where they are constantly reacting to the continuously changing situation of the surrounding world.
Each living organism is a dynamic flow system adjusting to the environment and attempting to remain in a state of balance. We are constantly coming in contact with a wide variety of different substances and external forces that influence positively or negatively this flow system and affect its state of balance.
Every day our body needs nutrients which support our system through metabolic reactions and energy production, and at this same time disposes waste substances which are toxic may disturb and interrupt the flow system. The body possesses an incredible defensive ability to eliminate toxins through defensive reactions and excretory systems.

If toxins can not be flushed out of the body with stool, urine, saliva, and sweat, the organism must eliminate them from the circulation and these toxins get deposited inside the organism. This can cause serious consequences. The body's defense systems will attempt anything to eliminate the toxins which in the long run are always detrimental for the organism. The process of elimination of the toxin and reaction to them creates symptoms as a manifestation of the body attempting to heal itself.

Recognizing this natural process, Biological Medicine, using comprehensive evaluation and advanced diagnostic tools, detects :

- type of the toxins (e.g. heavy metals, solvents, pesticides etc.)
- Blockades of elimination of the toxins
- Deficiencies of nutrients
- Disturbances in the tissue and organs interfering with the proper physiological function, etc.

Biological Medicine also determines the program of treatment to naturally eliminate all the causes creating a chronic dysfunction in the body--chronic diseases.

A program of treatment is individually prepared for the needs of the patient and all aspects of the human body are included to achieve a balance and harmony which is called "perfect health".

Please be aware that many, if not all, of the diagnostic tools / tests, treatments, procedures, biological remedies, protocols, supplements, etc. used in our practice may not have been evaluated nor approved by the FDA or the medical community and are to be considered experimental. This includes the statements made on this web site which should be considered as opinion only.